When do you believe your childís learning begins?

You are taking a prenatal vitamin to enrich your childís earliest physical development. Well, your childís learning begins during these prenatal months too! Now is the time to learn about BabyPlus, prenatal education system!

BabyPlus babies at birth and infancy:

  • Develop better sleeping patterns
  • More readily nurse
  • Have increased ability to self soothe
  • Are more interactive and responsive
  • Are more relaxed and alert at birth

And later in life, these children demonstrate:

  • Earlier developmental milestones
  • Improved school readiness
  • Enhanced intellectual abilities
  • Greater creativity and independence
  • Longer attention spans

BabyPlus babies are born to learn!

The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System is a set of sound lessons that are played to the prenatal child. The patented lessons strengthen earliest learning capabilities. As your baby begins to recognise the difference between the rhythmic sounds of BabyPlus and the similar natural rhythms of the motherís heartbeat, learning begins. It is the most valuable start you can give your child and the benefits will last a lifetime!
prenatal education
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BabyPlus - Learn how it works video clip

BabyPlus audio clip - Hear what your baby hears

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“Having used BabyPlus throughout my pregnancy (and admittidly beginning with scepticism!), since the birth of my son and seeing the results, I now wholeheartly believe it's claims and would recommend it to anyone...”

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